Introducing, Reliant Technology Solutions


Reliant Technology Solutions is your local technology company that can serve all of your technology needs. There is little that we don’t do internally, and what we don’t do internally, we subcontract to the best in the industry.

Technology is a pretty broad term, so we offer a broad range of solutions. From cabling a building to training users, Reliant Technology Solutions does it all. We offer antivirus and malware protection, building security systems, CCTV/Camera systems, Internet connections through our partners, Wi-Fi, managed IT, remote and on-site support, device repair, and much more.

Reliant Technology Solutions has over 10 years of practical experience and educational training. We are not some fly-by-night company, we are locally owned and operated, and started our business right here in the Grand Valley. We are fully insured and equipped to serve whatever needs you have.

We offer mobile support at no additional cost anywhere in the Grand Valley. Our technicians serve the entire Western Slope of Colorado from DeBeque to Vail, Whitewater to Ridgeway and beyond, wherever you are in Colorado, we can support you.

Reliant Technology Solutions serves both commercial and residential, and we offer Senior and Military Veteran discounts.

When you want a reliable solution to your technological needs, please think of Reliant Technology Solutions. We would be honored with the opportunity to serve you.


John Nolan

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